Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Cafe Racer Project

Hi again,

It's easy to find examples of some great CB400Fs on the internet but I'm not keen on just sharing images.  I like to know the story behind the purchase and the work.  It's good to know the hows and whys.  

I come across this Blog the other day:

There is no point in me repeating everything that was written so have a read yourself.  

I posted this link to the DSS Facebook page and asked whether anybody knew the bike or who owned it - and "King Conen" himself saw the link and got in touch.  He pointed me to his Instagram page - where there are lots of pictures of his cafe racer project.  I love the Flipagram on there - I might just nick that for a couple of my own projects.

Have a look for yourself.

Thanks for getting in touch King Conen, El Conio or Seymour Tetas - depends on whether you are on Facebook, Instagram or Blogger.

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