Monday, 2 March 2015

Another Shining Example or Two

This little beauty is owned by a customer (Tony from East Sussex).  This is his 1975 CB400/F.

Tony has spent quite a few thousand pounds on this bike - all the parts purchased from David Silver Spares.  He has had the bike approximately 10 years and bought it from an elderly gentleman who had it himself for over 20 years.

The paintwork on the tank and the side panels is original with the the odd mark.  He didn't want to repaint it so as to keep the complete originality.  Everything on the bike is genuine Honda except for the crash bars and wing mirrors.

Tony also owns a Honda C50 6v, which he bought from an elderly lady who had bought it in 1975.

It had only done a few hundred miles as when she bought it she could not get on with the gears.  She decided to store the bike in her house behind the wardrobe and try again later but never did.  It sat there for 25 years!  Tony has had the bike himself for a few years.  It is totally original and like new and he has only bought a few bits for it over the years.

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  1. Another brilliant example of the great CB400/4 Supersport. Jacqui who love these bikes, just let them in and they will have you forever.