Tuesday, 14 July 2015

How do we learn from the older skilled mechanics?

John Armarego has been restoring an old 400F and writing about it on his Forumer Blog. Take a moment to have a look through his rebuild notes and you can subscribe too if you're interested. 

I have seen lots of people documenting their restorations over the recent years. It is such a great source of help to other people when they get stuck. John details a lot of his jobs such as rebuilding the front forks.


Whilst I was at Stafford earlier this year I met Bernard Saunders; an older gentleman who has been restoring motorbikes for many years. You may recall my post on the 30th April on the David Silver Spares page. Bernard is currently restoring an old RS860 which is an ex Wayne Gardner/Joey Dunlop racer. I have no idea how he is getting on maybe I will try and get in touch with him to find out.

The point of raising Bernard's name is that one of my questions to him was whether he was documenting the project as a Blog or just taking photos. He said no. He doesn't use a computer really and certainly doesn't do any kind of social networking. He did say that he may take some photographs (film though not digital). It's a shame that we will miss the opportunity to learn something from Bernard; it seems to be the way of the older generation that they are so skilled but they have no means to document this skill to pass on as the more computer savvy do.

So my aim to encourage somebody to document their restoration who would not normally do so.

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